N. Fulton program allows folks in wheelchairs to paddle board

Submitted image, Brian Burdett/City of Roswell

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Submitted image, Brian Burdett/City of Roswell

Paddle boarding can be difficult for even an average person.

It takes balance, hand-eye coordination, and of course, the ability to paddle without falling in the water. It seems like an activity not suited for people who need a wheelchair to get around.

But through a new program, “Adaptive Paddle Boarding,” Roswell is giving people with developmental and physical disabilities a chance to ride the Chattahoochee River on a paddle board.

Brian Burdett, a certified paddle board instructor uses the Onit Ability Board to accommodate a wheelchair. Burdett is the only instructor in the state of Georgia that is certified to use the Onit boards.

The cost can be anywhere from $40-75 per session and it depends on the amount of prep Burdett needs to do before going out with the participant.

“I would love to somehow get some funds that may be used as scholarships to offset the cost for those in financial need,” Burdett said.

In this program, participants will work with Burdett one-on-one in 60 minute sessions at Azalea Park Dock, located at 203 Azalea Drive.

Roswell asks that interested paddle boarders contact Burdett directly at roswellgap@gmail.com or call 770-641-3950 for available dates and the minimum requirements to participate in the program.

Read more about the equipment used, here.

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