This charming seaside haven was named the ‘prettiest town’ in Georgia

The Georgia coast has beautiful scenery that can feel like another world.

The Georgia coast boasts some of the South’s most beautiful landscapes. And one city in particular was deemed the most “picturesque” town in the state.

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"Rich in architecture and layered with nature—whether it's canopies of trees, a beach that stretches for miles, or the glass-like surface on a lake or river—each U.S. state hosts more than one town that will take your breath away," design magazine Architectural Digest wrote in its "Prettiest Town in Every U.S. State" list, naming St. Mary's the clear winner in Georgia.

Here’s what AD writers had to say about the pick:

"St. Marys serves as the gateway city to Cumberland Island, the largest of the barrier islands along the Georgia coast, and to the picture-perfect Cumberland Island National Seashore."

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Situated about five hours south of Atlanta, the historic town offers culture, tons of outdoor recreation and fresh coastal cuisine.

You can bike along the trails at Crooked River State Park, go bird-watching at the Colonial Coast Birding Trail, learn about the Timucua Indians, who once inhabited the island at the Cumberland Island National Seashore Museum and take in the idyllic beaches around you.

And if you’re a seafood enthusiast, don’t miss happy hour at St. Marys Seafood & More.

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