Third GSU student robbed in past two weeks

Georgia State University police issued a campuswide alert after a student was robbed, the third in the past two weeks.

The first two robberies happened late at night, but about 2 p.m. Wednesday, a student was ambushed as he left a restroom in a classroom building, police said.

"One individual grabbed him by the neck and the other individual threatened to shoot him if he moved," the alert states. The student handed over his laptop.

The student did not see any weapons, and he was not hurt.

Police say a video camera caught the suspects on tape after the robbery. Police released surveillance photos and urged anyone with information to call 404-413-2100.

On Sept. 20, police say, a different pair of men robbed two students at gunpoint.

One student was robbed at 11:05 p.m. at Peachtree Street and Auburn Avenue, and the other was robbed 20 minutes later at Piedmont and Auditorium Place.

In both cases, the suspects displayed a handgun and took the victims' electronic devices and wallets.

Georgia State Deputy Police Chief Carlton Mullis said robberies are rare on campus, but to have one during the daytime in a school building is "extremely unusual."

The robberies have shaken up some GSU students.

"It's frightening," said Jill Weatherington, 27, a neuroscience graduate student. "We should feel safe. This is school. We come here to learn, and it's scary."

But Jazmin Fritz, an 18-year-old freshman, didn't seem fazed.

"I'm not really scared. I've been living in Atlanta my whole life," she said. "I use precautions. I don't go around at night. I'm not anywhere by myself. ... I've been here my whole life and nothing has ever happened to me."

Senior Will Campbell, 21, said neither he nor his friends have been victimized, "but it still puts you on edge to know that stuff like that is going on."

Police are reminding students that they can have an officer or security guard escort them to their destination by calling 404-413-2100. In addition, students can get safety tips by calling 404-413-3213.

-- Staff photographer John Spink contributed to this report.