5 things to know about the North DeKalb Mall demolition/rebuild plans

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The makeover could include townhomes, business space and retailers like Costco.

News of the owners' plans to tear down North DeKalb Mall and start over caused a stir this week as residents wonder what effects the redevelopment would have on the surrounding area.

The mall’s owners, Sterling Organization, have a months-long process ahead of designing, getting resident and DeKalb County feedback, and applying for approval from commissioners.

It’s consequently hard to say exactly what shape the new development would take, but we know some things. Here’s five:

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1. New businesses like Costco and a hotel are expected to come to the new outdoor-mall incarnation, at least some existing businesses are expected to stay, such as Burlington, the AMC theater and Marshalls.

2. The current plans call for 450 multi-family housing units and 50 townhomes.

3. The company has no renderings yet of the development to share.

4. There's no firm timeline in place for when the demolition and construction will begin, or when it would be complete, but Sterling's attorney thinks it could all be done before late 2020.

5. The plans are significant enough that the project has been deemed a "development of regional impact" by the Atlanta Regional Commission. That is a development "likely to generate impacts beyond the boundaries of the host local government in which it is located."

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