Thief steals Shih Tzu from College Park resident

College Park resident Nanci Montesinos came home Thursday to discover she was the victim of a most unusual robbery.

Missing was something big -- "one of those bulky, old-fashioned TV sets," Montesinos said -- and something delicate: her 3-year-old Shih Tzu, Lucky. The thief also rifled through a box of canceled checks, leaving behind a DVD player, stereo and Montesinos' cell phone.

"Until I walked in the living room, I didn't even know I had been robbed," said the 43-year-old animal caregiver.

The intruder left behind one of her dogs, a mixed-breed mutt.

"Unfortunately, Lucky has never met a stranger," Montesinos said. "He'd go off with anyone."

She adopted the Shih Tzu three years ago as a housewarming present for herself.

"My only hope is that he's microchipped," Montesinos said.

She suspects a neighbor with whom she had a previous disagreement may be responsible, but she can't be certain.

"He threatened to get even with me, and if you're going to get even with me, taking my dogs is the way to do it," said Montesinos, who works with Bark ATL, a canine boarder near downtown.

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