Thief drives off with 720 flat-screen TVs worth $320,000

Henry County police are investigating the theft last month of an entire shipment of flat-screen televisions valued at more than $300,000.

According to a report filed with police earlier this month, a truck load of 720 32-inch televisions was stolen from the LG Electronics warehouse on Greenwood Industrial Boulevard.

A truck driver identified only as "Raul" in the police report arrived at the warehouse on July 28 and picked up the televisions  to transport them to an exporting company in suburban Miami.

"Raul" was supposed to deliver the TVs to AAAA World Importing and Exporting on July 30, but never showed up, according to the police report.

Three weeks later, the televisions, valued at $444 each, or a total of nearly $320,000, are still missing.

The case is similar to one in May, when thieves stole $500,000 worth of copper from the Southwire Corp. in Carrollton in a similar manner, driving three trucks to the facility and presenting bogus paperwork before each leaving with 44,000 pounds of copper that never made it to the intended destinations.

Police have not said whether they believe the cases are related, but Henry County police Capt. Jason Bolton told the AJC that his investigators are working with the GBI's cargo theft task force and have "some promising leads in the case."