These are the most influential people in Georgia

Georgia Trend released its yearly "100 Most Influential Georgians," a group it said represents "the realities of leadership, power and influence" in the state.

Much the same as previous years, the group is composed of politicians, CEOs and college presidents, for the most part, and honorees are listed alphabetically and not by a ranking.

Among those who do not fall into the aforementioned categories is Peter Berg, senior rabbi at The Temple.

Berg was among Newsweek magazine's top 50 most influential rabbis in 2013.

Georgia Trend noted that Berg's passion extends "to social change within a host of issues, including separation of church and state, civil rights, welfare reform, hate crimes and the environment."

Another non-politician on the list is Alex Brewer, the artist also known as HENSE.

As Georgia Trend put it, Brewer has "come a long way from the graffiti he once scrawled along Atlanta’s streets, with legit large-scale commissions in Taiwan, Australia, Peru and Germany."

Brewer has several mind-blowing colorful murals in the Atlanta area. One of the most popular is under Virginia Avenue near Piedmont Park.

You can read more about how the Atlanta graffiti artist went legit and became a global star here.

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