The Vent

Thank you so much to whomever designed, planned, and planted the beautiful landscaping in the medians on Peachtree Road by Phipps Plaza. Brings me joy every time I drive by!

Someone obviously needs to take a biology class if they have to wonder why there is always a wait outside the women's restrooms, but not the men's.

There is always a line at the women's restroom because a woman can't pee unless another one goes with her.

What would happen if men commandeered a women's rest room like I have seen women take over a men's room — especially at large sporting events? Maybe 20-30 men arrested?

Vote suppression is a tactic used by those who are afraid their policies won't be popular enough with the majority. It is scummy and unAmerican.

Huge Vent score win on the vent about Congress and transparency. When was the last time there was such a blow out?

There is a third choice, you could learn to parallel park.

I am so slow I didn't know about the Internet Slowdown until Thursday.

One reason for memorials rather than "tributes" is that many honorees turn out to be less than honorable.

I just went to Hawks website to get a good look at the all "black" cheerleading squad. Funny how racially balanced the actual squad is.

I was always taught you entered the interstate onto the right-hand lane got up to speed then moved to the left lane, allowing the right lane to be fairly clear for drivers that would be entering from other on-ramps.

To the Dallas Highway Trail ventor: You might be better served by getting out of your car and trying the trail out. Perhaps it would be great anger therapy for you and not bad for your health either.

Give me a bean casserole and macaroni and cheese washed down with a root beer any day!

Debate? You would need a stadium to hold all the climate change scientists. The non-climate change scientists would fit around a conference table.