The Vent

So now we're faced with a bubble in the automobile financing industry thanks to Congress easing regulations and oversight for these loans.

Mr. Jekyll may open the car door, but Mr. Hyde takes the driver's seat.

Can't wait until the people in Bartow and Cherokee get a taste of their self proclaimed constitutional scholar Barry Loudermouth as their U.S. Representative.

Sure has been quiet lately without the self appointed constitutional conservative Debbie Dooley. Thank goodness and I hope I didn't jinx it.

Wait a minute, Ebola isn't curable and highly contagious yet this lady can leave Emory?

If you had to take driver's ed in high school, you're probably too stupid to drive at all.

So what is driving slowly in the left lane? Is it the speed limit or the limit +5, +10 or +20 mph?

I have a gun carry permit and wouldn’t mind a written test to get it. Especially if the questions were along the lines of “Is it a good idea to unholster your gun in a crowded mountain tourist town?”

Seriously! Are you really complaining because someone is obeying the law and it's inconvenient to you? Wow.

You didn't expect the Ebola patients to stay in the hospital forever did you?

You must be quite a jaded person if you're tired of the ice bucket challenge — a challenge that raises money and awareness for ALS.