The Vent

So Spelman College has suspended their Cosby Professorship program. Guess they will also be giving Cosby back his twenty million. Right?

The Ferris Wheel at Centennial Park is privately run so comparing that to the city boondoggle of a street car that replaced a bus that no one used anyway isn't apples to apples.

Didn't see any players wearing shirts asking for justice for the woman murdered in the city of Decatur.

"Exclusively Christian" is about as far away from the teachings of Christ as anyone can get!

If you are going to burn leaves and stink up the neighborhood collect them all into one pile and burn once, not a different pile every day.

Venter wants to know best way to protect their savings.Try the old fashion way,under the mattress.

Everyone wants justice until it doesn't turn out their way.

The Good Lord hasn't seen fit to create many better snacks than potato chips and an ice cold Coke.

A few weeks ago, the young woman at my favorite chicken wing spot was so depressed over the Falcons' loss earlier that day, she could hardly stand. I remember the same thing happening to me in the '80s but I got over it. You see, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

As a woman all of my lack of respect for others is focused on anyone who does not respect women and girls, sells them into marriage or for sex, or disrespects them in music, calls them names, etc., no matter their sex, religion, or race.