The Vent

I am glad I am an old man. I lived the best years. Good luck. You are gonna need it.

I'm not sure what causes all "income inequality" but seeing the Vents some of you have posted tells me stupidity could be a contributing factor.

I see no difference in a terrorist and the idiot that burns down a church.

Nathan Deal signed the legislation. The Republican-controlled Georgia House and Senate raised the gas tax. They also took away the local taxes on gas so cities and counties can raise the tax even more.

For a "not for real" candidate, Bernie Sanders is drawing the biggest crowds of any.

Actually, I'm not a loser. Quite the opposite. I have a loving family, I'm educated with a stable job, live within my means, have a house that isn't extravagant, but nice, give to charities, kind to others and quite happy with life in general. When you have red lines under misspelled words to help you spell correctly, use it to your advantage. And use punctuation. Otherwise you seem unintelligent.

Since when is the HOPE scholarship educational welfare? It's available to all who qualify. It's funded by the lottery that is completely voluntary so maybe you need to work a little harder and you can qualify for it as well.

We have enough enemies throughout the world. We don't need to be fighting and hurting each other here at home.

I said it yesterday and I will say it today, Andrew Young made the best statement regarding the flag flap. If black lives truly matter, then the black community needs to focus on the real issues and get their own house in order!

Have any of the rioters been punished for what they did in Baltimore?

Good luck at getting the NASCAR fans to give up their "rebel" flags. I'll believe it when I see it. Prove me wrong.

Do Christians believe Noah and the Ark and Jonah in the belly of the whale literally happened or is it a metaphor?