The Vent

Man, I wish we had some good comedy and variety shows on TV like in the old days. Today’s shows aren’t nearly as funny or entertaining. Red Skelton, Carol Burnett, Lucy, Dean Martin, Jackie Gleason could make you belly laugh without using any profanity. Those were the days, my friend.

I wonder what would happen if everybody just started treating everybody else the way they themselves would want to be treated.

Why does the lawyer found guilty of stealing $300,000 from clients have to pay back only $176,000?

Did anybody wonder why the teens who were left overnight in the holding cell never came home that night?

Every time I see a car slowly weaving through a parking lot, almost hitting pedestrians or other cars, the driver is on their cell phone. Every time.

If you don’t want to be left in a holding cell for a weekend, don’t do anything that puts you in a holding cell in the first place.

I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because I am still looking for ideas.

To all the package delivery guys: I understand not needing a signature on a package, but at least give a courtesy knock or ring the bell before just silently dropping the package and walking away for it to be discovered who knows when. When you see our two cars in the driveway, someone’s likely at home to receive it!

I just checked out the meat prices for my 4th of July barbeque. How would you like your banana? Rare, medium or well done?

Now they are hiring an “integrity” officer and two others at a annual cost of $200,000 to try to control the rampant ethics problems in DeKalb County. And where did it start? Hum!

To the Atlanta Police Department: When are you going to do something about texting and driving? I see at least a dozen on my commute every day. Do the same thing every driver does, look for someone not in flow with the rest of the traffic and drifting across lanes.

Senator Howard Baker, you were a statesman, a credit to your country, and a gentleman. We need 100 like you in the Chamber today.

What I’d like to hear is the CANDIDATE’S voice, not some professional TV announcer, and, just tell me what his plans are to get my country rolling again!

If these guys running for governor think their ads that brag about spending millions on education is going to get my vote, they are sadly mistaken.

Some things are worth the ride to Alabama - here’s another: there are actual jobs in Huntsville. Mine for instance. A long commute but a real job in field (applied physics).

Does Georgia allow parents to drop off unwanted children at fire stations with no questions asked? That could be more beneficial to the child.

High fines and tickets mean zilch to people who never get caught.

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