The Vent

It is truly impossible to hold your pants up and do the "hands up" stuff at the same time.

Taking driver's ed in high school reduced one's insurance premium. Did that make one stupid? Think before you post.

The most dangerous drivers on the road are the ones that do not know the traffic laws such as who has the right of way at a four-way stop, how to enter and exit a roundabout, etc.

Those of us who are tired of the ice bucket challenge are grateful for the money raised, but fed up with the endless "selfies" and media attention. Raise the money, stop being so arrogant about it, and move on.

Congratulations to the youth of the Chicago Little League baseball team. You and your adult sponsors are CHAMPIONS! Way to go! You have made all Americans proud.

Why does the air conditioning always break on the weekend?

I am so sick and tired of all these "rally" bicyclists clogging up Milton's roads. It used to be just the weekends, now it's getting to be everyday. They are a traffic hazard and I wish the city of Milton would do something about it.

We now have to dodge potholes on the interstates in Atlanta when $100 million could have paved a lot of roads.

Since Cobb County has for years refused to pay for or even allow MARTA, it would be insane to add MARTA capacity west of 400. Swamping North Fulton with Cobb commuters too cheap to pay for their own transit should be a non-starter.

I don't know why conservatives aren't mad at those in charge who've allowed us to become a "taker" state that gets back more in federal revenue than we put in. We're freeloading off the smart states. No wonder they laugh at us.

It should be a violation of the Hippocratic oath for a doctor to be on TV. I'm sure it has done harm somewhere.

Why do judges wear robes? Is it mandatory or just for appearance?

To the person who is annoyed at having to pass people driving at the speed limit: get over it. If you drive over the limit you are breaking the law and you are the hazard, it's that simple.

How fast to drive in the far left lane? Just a little faster than the bully pickup with the flashing lights at your tailgate.

The lady who was going the exact speed limit in the left lane on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard was doing the right thing. She was obeying the law.