Bomber has radical Islamic ties, but allowed citizenship. US warned about bomber by other countries and bomber family on welfare while living luxurious lifestyle. But a liberal sees the problem as gun control.

Changing names, carvings, statues places, events, flags, etc., is not going to change history. Whatever happened is in the past and we can learn from our mistakes or stay the same and learn nothing.

So now you're blaming the Republicans for Obama's bad decisions!!!

You know the "Terrible Toos" right? Too many lawyers, psychologists, Congressmen….

Ted Nugent will leave when Alec Baldwin does.

Tim Tebow led Denver to the AFC Championship game becoming the most famous white bronco since the O.J. Simpson car chase.

If a man thinks a woman who stays home with the children is lazy then let him do it for a week…by day 3 he'll be begging her to come back.

All of you who complain about the state of the union, have you checked the voting record of your elected representatives?

Cocker's version was better. You can't beat the Abbey Road Medley, but "…Bathroom Window" by itself wasn't as good as Joe's rendition.

The Georgia Vogtle nuclear plant goes wildly over budget on a diet of double dipped subsidies. Meanwhile lower cost wind energy from the plains is entering the power market making the nuclear project completely unneeded and leaving Georgia Power customers paying the bill.

The Vent Gal should make it impossible to vote down truthful Vents.