The Vent

No president or no liberal will take our guns! We heard that for four years under Carter, eight years under Clinton and now seven years under Obama. You've still got your guns, right? Here's a clue, unless you're committing crimes with your guns, no one is going to knock on your door to take then away.

A Canadian border wall? I expect Canada to begin construction soon.

Properly designed stadiums have upper deck netting that is below eyesight of folks in stands and extends about 7-8 straight out. It works; I've seen a fan fall into one of them before.

Great idea. All dissenting voices to the Gulag.

Even better idea. Why don't BOTH sides stop with the idiotic fixation of pointing out the ridiculous regarding the "other" party. Your "wit" comes off as idiotic to an independent who sees your hypocrisy regarding every issue.

Billy Ray Cyrus ought to be cracked up along side his head for the lousy job he did raising his daughter.

Don't included this middle-class white man in your delusion that we're all thinking what Trump is saying. I – and most people I know – believe Trump is a blowhard buffoon with absolutely none of the skills necessary to lead this nation. You're an idiot.

The true believers don't generally resort to name calling, personal attacks, dopey nicknames or disproved talking points. The trolls just keep posting nonsense to get a reaction. They don't care if it's true or not.

The new dome will be beautiful, but it will probably be torn down in 20 years because it will look like a 1950s chrome dinette suite.