The Vent

Felons can work for DFCS just like alcoholics and sex offenders end up in the state's classrooms. Background checks don't always tell the story.

I have no idea who WABE is.

Its confounds one. Prices keep going up and the manufacture blames paying their employees is FORCING price increase. An the employee doesn't get another dime.

And the Braves are expecting to pay for the new stadium how? With tickets sales to see their single A team?

Never put off til tomorrow what you can put off til a day later.

If you are contemplating a left turn ahead kindly let the drivers behind you know you are leaving the driving lanes. If you wait until you're in the turn lane its a waste of time

Sandy Springs lost Porsche and got Mercedes. I wonder if its because Porsche wanted a test track and Mercedes wanted a walking trail.

I notice a lot of autos without lights on when raining are pickups and SVUs. Must be the bigger the vehicle, the smaller the brain.

Kasim Reed and Chris Christie may be cut from the same cloth, but one got the full bolt and the other was pieced together from the remnants.

I happen to like broccoli, but if you smother it in salsa, it is really good.

After visiting Cuba, I hope Americans will demand the huge LED traffic lights that count down seconds in red, yellow or green.

Henry Ford made his car cheaper. He didn't raise his employees' wages.

I know how Georgia lawmakers can pay for transportation improvements. Put a tax on all car parts and labor for transportation use only. Then when the roads start to really suck and break people's cars, the resulting tax on the repairs pays for the roadwork.

We as a country have come from financial ruin and impending depression to a stable and growing economy. People have short memories enhanced by right wing radio that glosses over the fact that this administration led that change in status. How can we consider changing direction when things are as good as they are.