The Vent

Far too many people these days are trying to get attention and far too few are trying to earn respect.

How can felons be allowed to work in DFCS? Ethics has been dismantled. Is there a Georgia agency that is ethical and effective? And, they want more state control over troubled schools and to create another state agency/department? Please forgive me if I'm suspicious as to motive.

Government gives nothing for free? Tell that to the Braves, Falcons, Mercedes, Kia and the Hollywood movie producers using Georgia tax money for personal gain.

Kasim Reed and Chris Christie, both cut from the same, petulant cloth. Neither fit for higher office.

If retail and grocery store managers wouldn't let vagrants, peddlers, and thugs hang out in front of their stores, shopping might become safer for all of us.

How are you supposed to get to the new Braves stadium? Sit on Interstate 285 or on Interstate 75 in the parking lots that will be created right on the interstate.

It is sad that Henry Ford's wisdom to pay his employees well enough that they could afford his Model T Ford is lost on the current batch of corporate leaders who take the profits for themselves and beggar their employees. And so our economy and our nation slides toward ruin.

People who still have their Christmas lights up realize they don't have to turn them on, right?

If Mitt Romney runs in 2016 for president, I think he can beat Obama this time.

WABE has abandoned its listeners and members. I think it will bite them in the tuchis come pledge drive time.

Fox has acquired rights to reboot Escape From New York. The new version will be about Knicks players who wish they were on a different team.

Do people not believe in science because they have been programmed to not believe in science, or are they just uneducated? Either way, we should have a better education in the U.S. than one that promotes ignorance.

If Georgia State University and Georgia Southern University were to ever play each other in sports, GSU would win. Hands down! Sure bet.

Mitt Romney must really hate spending time with his family.

We should have been drowning in "jobs opening up" at the end of the Bush years. He did massive tax cuts for the "job creators." And that's why he left us with the largest deficit in the history of the U. S. But we should keep cutting taxes because we're with stupid.