The Vent

You can reward good behavior until you're blue in the face. Sometimes a kid just needs a good swat on the bum to really catch their attention. There's a difference between a spanking and a beating.

People leave their garbage on the ground, their dirty towels on the counter, don't flush toilets, and drive or walk down the middle of a two-way lane. Are they too uneducated to know better or do they just feel entitled?

Spend some time in a public school before you criticize the teachers. We are up against absurdity!

Tell me again what the United Nations does! They obviously don't do anything about terrorists, or an Ebola epidemic. Why does the U.S. give them hundreds of millions of dollars every year?

Hey, guy staring down at his phone in stop-n-go traffic, you are about to hit….oops.

We are cutting back on our military personnel, military hardware purchases, and at the same time we are starting another fight to counteract ISIS, and Ebola costing billions of dollars. Our elected representatives are really smart.

Sun Trust Park?! Getting sick and tired of stadiums being named after companies instead of legendary players or something meaningful to the city.

Feminists are the ones who need to take "sensitivity training" so they can learn not to be so sensitive about everything.

A buyer for the Hawks? Cool! Kansas City could use an NBA team.

Having a degree does not guarantee a $15 an hour job. You'd think someone would teach that!

Cobb County commissioners, don't even think about using our money to buy the Hawks.

Different cultures have different ways in raising their kids. This is not a country with a dictator.

Thank you Cobb Braves for designing one of the blandest stadiums in the history of baseball. And, your naming skills are equally bad.

Yes, I used a paddle and a belt on my son, however I did not inflict any bruises. The object was to punish them for wrong doing, not to inflict pain on myself by using my bare hand.

I had plenty of scrapes and bruises when I played high school football. Was that child abuse?