The Vent

Vote Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife for President!

I know people think Obama and Hillary are brilliant, but they are forcing women in their 60s to buy maternity coverage with the AHA. Okay, so they both dropped bio for their science requirement when they were undergrads?

Apparently, the LA Police can attack, grab and smash your camera phone on the sidewalk. Nice work guys!

I hope the writer of the Monday Liberal editorial about firing squad execution was tongue in cheek. If not he really made some stupid comments.

FYI , Atlanta will never be a world class city without mass/regional public transportation. Still far behind the times.

If you think teachers are cheating students out of an education by changing test scores, what do you feel about teachers changing final grades because that's exactly what's happening.

I enjoy all of the shows on "Dirty Jobs," but the spokesperson seems to be obnoxious and self centered. Is this part of the show?

Purpose driven Christians will certainly not have any issue with the Christ – centered posture of Tim Tebow. Truth will offend the sensibilities of the carnal mind.

This just in from the Weather Channel: Hell has just frozen over; no relation to GOP mysteriously winning every election everywhere.

The Republicans refuse to listen to anyone who does not espouse their talking points and the Democrats refuse to listen to anyone who does not espouse their talking points (I am talking citizens, not politicians), so it is up to us independents to pay close attention and elect the person who will be best for the country.

I guess we have to elect Hillary to find out what she stands for.