90,000 civilian defense employees in Virginia are expecting furloughs thanks to sequestration. Members of Congress will not be furloughed nor will their pay be cut. Seems backward, doesn't it?

You can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of people in metro-Atlanta who expect Beverly Hall to "voluntarily" turn herself in by Tuesday - or anytime later this year, either.

Some smokers find their used butts too nasty to keep in their ashtray, so they share them with the rest of the world and toss it out their window. Unbelievable.

Maybe if the qualifications of our public officials counted more than religion or race we wouldn't be having all of these problems with corruption and incompetence.

What makes you think you can take something that isn't yours because it is left unattended?

"No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare." James Madison, primary author of the U.S. Constitution

We're all in the same in same boat, but the Republicans think they have a separate captain and tour map.

Why do drivers feel moving into another lane is a crime when they approach a biker or walker? Especially when there is no one in the other lane? Oh I know why, they are too busy with their cellphones!

The Tea Party is destroying local communities by being loud and unreasonable. Your community is next unless people start challenging them. Republicans are allowing it to happen by their silence.