The Vent

Don't worry about those terrible math and reading scores. All our youngsters will be turning pro eventually in one sport or another. Or so they think.

The numbers in education would look better if we only counted the top ten schools in the state! Corporate solution when the object should be to change our culture to value education more than sports!

It's not hate, it's heritage? But if you take it down, what? Stop making silly threats. The people responsible for the flag coming down don't have dark skin.

Who cares what Trump's motives are. Anything that upsets the establishment greedy GOP and the leftist radical liberal Democrats is fun to watch.

Colt firearms is declaring bankruptcy because they're now $350 million in debt. A hedge fund bought them, raided their assets, "paid themselves lavishly" and ran it into the ground. Unfettered, right-wing capitalist greed destroyed another American institution.

They elect state supreme court justices in Alabama and you see what that got them. A certified nut-job for chief justice.

Is there anyone whose personal info has not been compromised in one or more of the many security breaches?