Democrat or Republican, just do what is right.

Health care is not a "right." You do not have the right to impose the costs for your health care on others.

Republicans are for freedom. Freedom to spend the money they earn as they want to, not forced to hand it over to others.

Doctors get paid for ordering certain brand name drugs. They get bonuses, trips, gifts, etc. Even if you have a $10 copay, it still costs your insurance more!

I hope Crawford Lewis retracts his plea and gets the 10-year prison term he richly deserves.

Why can't everyone use the PeachPass lane on weekends?

Grady is running commercials so everyone can see the whole state uses them, but only DeKalb and Fulton pay.

Medical professionals work for insurance companies and point out when bogus or incorrect medications are prescribed.

Cobb County officials should give plumbing lessons to the NSA to help them stop leaks.

I don't like it when the comics are not on the back page of the Living section.

I managed to get two Vents voted to the top and bottom in the same day. And both based on facts.

Of the top 10 richest in the House, five are Republican and five are Democrats. The lack of truth in the Vent is astounding.

If it's going to cause so much trouble, why do people choose to be left-handed?

In the 21st century, in a sophisticated, evolved culture such as ours here, we do not need to flaunt guns!

Don't make the mistake of attempting to provide facts to the Tea Party; it only confuses them.