The Vent for Wednesday

When you complain on Twitter and Facebook about Coke’s commercial using “America the Beautiful” -- can you please stop calling it the national anthem? (It isn’t.)

Severe Weather Task Force? A knee-jerk reaction which will do nothing but waste more money and resources. Let’s put an end to it before it takes foothold.

I hear that Philip Seymour Hoffman may have died from a bad batch of heroin. There’s a good batch of heroin?

Anyone who owns a leather jacket, belt or pair of shoes but is morally outraged over Joe Namath’s fur coat might have a tad of a hypocrisy issue.

Want to impress me on a date? Treat the server right and leave a good tip.

If someone today uttered the words “Give me liberty or give me death,” they’d be put on a terrorist watch list. Just like Patrick Henry in 1775.

Why are those who disliked the Coke ad bad people? A song honoring America should be in English. That’s not mean, it’s just true. Get over your PC selves!

GEMA better figure out a better way to communicate to the public rather than a Facebook page and better late than never tweets.

The Christian Coalition is against medical marijuana for sick children in Georgia. Why am I not surprised?

The only reason I have to go into the office every day is so my boss can make my life miserable when I could be telecommuting and making him more money.

Last week’s storm should be called “Icecarpades 2014!”

I make $105,000 a year but I wish I was bagging groceries like I did when I was a kid.

I may work for a heartless corporation 9 to 5 but on my off-time I work against it and there is nothing they can do about it.

Sadly, the irony of the misspelled vitriol hurled by people unhappy about a multilingual Coke commercial will be missed by the “speak English” crowd. Your comments prove just how difficult a language English is, since you native speakers seem to be having so much trouble with it.

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