The Vent for Wednesday

Explain to me why we pay billions of dollars to other nations when we can't/won't take care of our own helpless children, elderly and disabled?

I don't have a problem letting people buy health insurance. I have a problem with me paying for other's insurance.

Obama said things would change and they did. It's worse !!!!

How do most folks take more out of SS than they contributed? What percentage die before they even scratch the surface of what they contributed?

I hope the next GOP president blames Obama for everything…hurricanes, floods, forest fires..etc.

The Bush tax cuts increased the debt? Borrowing money increases the debt. Read an economics book, please!

A message to all candidates running for an office: you can stop calling me because I already voted.

The national debt actually tripled under Ronald Reagan.

Those 9 Republicans were ok with wasting even more taxpayer money and causing even more problems for American taxpayers. Vote them out!

Paul Krugman is right. It is cruel for some states to turn down the expansion of Medicaid. Governor Deal, shame on you.

Republicans complain Obama won't negotiate with them. Would you negotiate with someone who tells you their only goal is to see you fail?

Clinton left us with a surplus and Bush and his Republicans spent that and much more, leaving us with a deficit. Obama has reduced the deficit and is working on the debt, and Republicans are claiming to be the fiscal conservatives.