The Vent for Wednesday

If the APS cafeteria workers were so disgusted by the filthy kitchens, why didn’t they take the initiative to clean things up?

What is the REAL reason gas prices have increased more than 60 cents per gallon since the first of the year?

Condi, typical liberal university reaction. Free speech is only for their speech; shout down opposing views. What a sad commentary on what used to be a great institution.

So some big wig rappelled down Buckhead Tower. Us window cleaners do it every day, no big deal.

So much for tolerance at a liberal academic institution! We can only speak when our voice agrees with theirs, otherwise -- sit down and be quiet. Also, the kids don’t know what they are talking about; only messages put in their heads by professors. Too bad they don’t know how to Google.

Clearly, Rutgers’ treatment of Condi Rice is proof they have a racist war-on-women there. Before you choke on that premise, remember that conservatives are daily denounced more viciously and loudly on far less evidence.

Saving a building won’t help. The ‘church’ has already received its thirty pieces of silver.

Would somebody please find out which Nigerian officials to bribe to get them to start looking for the kidnapped girls?

To the people that made different numerical keyboards for computers and telephones: Thanks a hell of a lot.

Which of these two groups that take money from the state is more likely to use drugs: Food stamp users or UGA students?

So you are amazed that the “no texting while driving” law can’t be enforced. I am still amazed they can’t stop drivers from going 80 in a 55 mph speed zone! So much revenue, so little enforcement.

What they fail to tell -- surprise -- is that the French came back to finish off the little Mexican village and the Mexicans called for help from the US, who came in and saved their butts from slaughter.

Getting in and out of the new Braves stadium certainly can’t be any worse than the old one.

There are not enough cops out there to protect us. That is why we want to be able to carry our own guns.

What do Las Vegas and the Georgia governor’s race have in common? In both you just roll the dice and never know what you will get.

If food stamp recipients are to be drug tested for their government subsidy, shouldn’t the farmers and other subsidy recipients be tested also?

What is all this hulabaloo about Clooney finally getting hitched? We all know who he really loves. He and Carol Hathaway have twins and they hooked up years ago. Where have you people been?

Maybe the reason your CEO got a raise and you did not is because he/she earned it and you did nothing.

Republicans continued their war on science research yesterday by proposing a new bill that interjects political decisions into the process, circumventing scientific peer reviews. American innovation is dying at their hands.

Thank you, Supreme Court. Now devil worshipers can lead prayer at government meetings!

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