The Vent for Wednesday

Hey Chicago, how's that gun control working out for you?

I hear the violence is so bad in Chicago, that parents are sending their kids to Mexico.

The U.S. Constitution gives citizens the right to vote as well as the right to bear arms. Why do liberals feel that voters shouldn't have to show any ID to vote but gun owners must register?

If your campaign consists of telling lies and half-truths about your opponent, please stay home and spare us any more dishonest officials at the state or federal level. We don't want to cross the street with you, much less have you in public office.

Why do so many women with beautiful blonde hair dye their roots brown?

The stock market is irrationally inflated because of the Fed manipulating interest rates and unemployment is down due to an increase in part-time jobs. Yet, you Democrats are trying to suggest we have a strong economy. Well, oil prices have also doubled under Obama and he has spent about as much on the wars as Bush and doubled our debt.

If you cannot vote for a political candidate because you live elsewhere, I don't think you should be able to donate money to his/her campaign whether it's for local, state or national office.

So the Facebook "friend" spits venom about how Republicans hate everyone, but in the same sentence is saying she hates them and all like them. Can you really have it both ways?

I don't complain about baggy pants. I've lost 70 pounds and love mine!

Thieves stole soap worth $2,000 from CVS in Sandy Springs. I hope they don't have a clean get-a-way.

Isn't ensure a drink for old people?

Thanks, Clayton County government. Guess it is time to do all my buying in Henry County to keep from supporting your decision for MARTA bus service. It was a disaster when we had it before. Nothing changes.

Progressive, please stop the Flo commercials. She is hideous to look at and I get the shakes just having to see her. Worse when she tries to sing.

I have words of wisdom for most men — thou shall not kilt! We don't need to see you in a dress!

Still waiting for Ted Nugent to keep his promise and leave.

I hope all the TV stations are enjoying the Koch brothers' money. I, for one, have heard so much negative hype I don't believe any of it. Thank goodness for public television and newspapers.

Since there's no more voter fraud in Georgia because we all have to show our IDs, why can't we have same-day voter registration?

I commend Georgia Tech's climate study showing in real scientific terms the dire effects heat will have on Atlantans. The problem is, there are so many ignorant folks who listen to the news screamers who swear it's all a plot by Al Gore!

Maybe gun owners who take their guns into public places should be required to have some kind of insurance policy to pay for any trouble they cause or any people they hurt. They can be required to carry proof of insurance just like drivers.

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