The Vent for Wednesday

There was a lot of coverage of the Atlanta Gay Pride parade but not much on the Veterans Day parade? That tells you a lot about Atlanta!

I returned from Vietnam in '73, and I had to keep it to myself or risk threats to me and my family. I am so very glad this country is beginning to appreciate vets.

You know what's more impressive than the Braves moving to Cobb? The deal was kept secret until it was announced.

The prez did not apologize for the ACA problems, but for a website's problems. Big difference.

I appreciate restaurants giving meals to veterans, but I wish that money could be used to provide food and shelter for veterans who have neither.

Please refrain from buying Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving. Or must you buy it because it's there and then whine when it's out too early?

Churches are tax exempt because they are nonprofit. Any church worth anything actually spends a lot of time and money caring for those less fortunate.

If Gov. Deal takes credit for the great schools in Georgia and the number of new jobs created while in office, then he should also take credit for the record number of Georgians on food stamps.

I put up a small Christmas tree in the foyer yesterday afternoon. The cat took it down for us at dinner time.

While the "feel" is different, I still feel good about being able to read the AJC anywhere I am.

I don't understand why people back their car into a parking space. At the very least, I wish they were better at it.

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