The Vent for Tuesday

If you sit home and don’t work, there should be a time limit for government assistance.

Visit your local county animal shelter and see the beautiful dogs and cats that will be killed because no one wants them. Be humane and build new shelters and educate the public to spay and neuter.

You want to make a real difference in peoples' lives? Teach them how to manage their money and not to squander it on worthless junk.

Can’t a person (or political party) be conservative on some things and progressive on others?

Everything I’ve accomplished was the result of hard work, good parents, gifted teachers and a sound infrastructure.

Stopped watching TV and life seems so much better and kinder after just two weeks.

Why are there no sinkholes in the Middle East where they’ve been sucking out oil for eons?

Instead of the Dog Days of Summer, we had the Duck Days of Summer!

What is it about a red curb and fire lane signs that makes people say to themselves, “Oh, a great parking spot!”?

Living below your means to save a few pennies is not the same as a CEO receiving a golden parachute payout after he leaves a company.

Finally splurged and took a real vacation. It lifted the soul.

What do DeKalb County Commissioners do -- oversee or overlook?

Noticed a delay in cable’s response to your mute function? That’s because they’ve noticed most commercials are muted or fast-forwarded.

It amazes me some people still adhere to 16th century misconceptions about race. Very sad.

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