The Vent for Tuesday

You can tell a lot about someone by how they treat their pets.

Joe Namath’s fur coat was more entertaining than the actual game!

Atlanta could avoid some of its traffic problems with staggered work hours, working from home on a rotating basis, having a safe, reliable public transit system. Those things do not exist.

Happy 80th Mr. Aaron. You always have been and always will be an honorable man, and my hero.

I wonder how many Super Bowl parties broke up early?

So long Philip Seymour Hoffman. Thanks for the memories. Drugs kill, don’t do them!

Hey, just because Fulton and Dekalb voters have been dumb enough to throw billions into “TSPLOST” boondoggles doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

I’m sorry but if you a male over 40, and don’t look like Mark Wahlberg or LL Cool J, keep your shirt on please…

In the nasty cold weather, Punxsutawney Phil declared six more weeks of cold weather. In a more southern location, General Lee declares mild days ahead. The General is just one more reason to stay in the South!!

To the people who say more rail service would have eliminated the snow jam. How would that have helped when MARTA shut down or ran Sunday service for two days?

The Kittenbowl was a lot more interesting than the Superbowl.

I loved those James Brown moves that Bruno Mars put down at the Super Bowl.

Clayton County is always being looked down on by Atlanta and it’s northern suburbs. Congratulations to all our officials who got it right this time on snow jam. Clayton County got the last laugh on this one.

Maybe the Governor’s Mansion has Dish TV and therefore does not get the Weather Channel….so maybe it was an unexpected storm.

Not once since Snowmageddon did we see a vent about “taxes being too high”. It was “why don’t we have more snow plows”…

How many of you folks lost a lot of money on the game?

Some of the best commercials and half time show ever at the Super Bowl. But the game was no game at all.