The Vent for Tuesday

Teachers are professionals, not miracle workers. Education MUST occur at home or it won’t happen.

For those of you who jump on the bandwagon and sign online petitions before you know the facts, you might want to think twice next time.

Only a few years ago, DeKalb County was like Andy Griffith’s Mayberry. Now it’s like Al Capone’s Chicago. What happened?

It’s not that FIFA “football” is so much more exciting to watch, it’s the fact that the game isn’t interrupted every few minutes for beer commercials. NFL, take note.

My father had his right arm shot off in WWII and he could drive with his left arm AND reach thru the steering wheel to change the three gears on the column of his old Chevy truck which had no power steering. Today’s drivers can’t even drive a five-speed with both hands.

Hey California Kid! Only when the traffic is stopped or moving very slowly are motorcycles allowed to split lanes in California — not doing 80 mph on the interstate!

People who vent that soccer isn’t a real sport think driving in circles for four hours is.

Why does Johns Creek need all these new roundabouts on quiet, safe roads? Makes you wonder just who is making the money off them. If you guys want to spend my money, some sidewalks would be awesome.

This entire country is full of live marionettes. That is downright scary.

The problem isn’t just education spending, it’s how we use it, and families too, but the problem will never be solved by just kicking it around like we’re doing.

Tearing up the earth for the sole purpose of profit isn’t anything to be proud of.

Notice to the uninformed: I am a doctor and my brother is a clergyman. If we get a call, we NEED to talk to that patient or family member that needs a priest. Mind your own business!

You get a five percent bonus? You poor little girl. Be glad you got that. Try working for five years without one, then average three percent every year you do receive one! Yes, I quit that hellhole.

If you are against people getting good gas mileage, you may be suffering from Prius envy.

The WORLD CUP needs to step up and get a WORLD CLASS golf cart to transport injured players off the field vs. using the hard plastic body buckets they use now. How crude and how rude to the player!

If you are distracted by watching ME talk on my phone, I feel sorry for the guy in front of you!

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