The Vent for Tuesday

If a word is derogatory when used by one race, it is derogatory when used by all races.

People who act as if they have no skeletons in their closets are dishonest. We're human and have done things we regret. It's easy to judge others, but try looking in the mirror first.

The same government that sent 24,000 different tax refunds to one address is now in charge of the healthcare system and has vowed to 'cut waste and fraud' in the system. Anybody want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

Congratulations Congress, you are now officially the most do-nothing Congress in history, surpassing Truman's do-nothing Congress that gave us the title.

It sounds illegal to bribe policemen with a raise if they show up in court so the county can have better revenue. Just fine him if he fails to show.

I don't know the origin of the word muggy, but I do know what it is, and where it is.

I was caught in the I-85 backup Sunday a.m. That was the worst example of traffic control I've ever seen. GCPD needs to train their officers how to manage traffic.

Every time one of my vents is posted, I'm convinced it was misunderstood.

I was shocked Superman actually committed acts of violence in this newest chickafication of a once great comic book character. And Z is just a glorified Zombie flick.

I'm 65 years old and I still don't know when to say "whom" instead of "who."

Do Aflac executives have duck for dinner?

The Holy Trinity of Southern dining is obesity, diabetes and heart attack.

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