The Vent for Thursday

People should not "shun" electronics but some kids can't go 5 minutes without being plugged into something and some are losing their "people" skills. I don't want to be around in that kind of a future.

The difference in prescription prices between here and Canada is the pharmaceutical lobby.

If private college tuition for one year is $60,000, then go somewhere else. Public colleges and community colleges cost less. Or study hard and earn a scholarship.

WMDs from Syria are probably on their way to Iraq, who shifted them to Syria when we were looking in Iraq. Don't we have satellites that can read a license plate ?

Great engineering feat to get the Concordia upright! Now what?

But it takes 8-12 months to get a doctor's appointment to get the Restasis eye drops in Canada!

Cedric The Entertainer is a great guy, but he is a terrible host for the Millionaire Show!

GOD gave you more for a reason.

What's so offensive about "No problem"? Don't sweat the small stuff.

Where do you get the idea that progressives don't take any responsibility?

There is no exemption for Congress on Obamacare -- how did this get voted to the top?

So the richest 400 Americans are now worth roughly the GDP of Russia while I, a college educated veteran and former member of the middle class, find it increasingly hard to afford the gas to get to work. I'm ready to give socialism a try.

Since I've retired, I can't stand making decisions everyday. Play golf? Nap? Walk the dogs? Decisions, decisions.

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