The Vent for Thursday

We cannot take on every immigrant who wants to come to America. It is time to close our boarders and make people follow our laws.

To the guy on the bicycle in L5P who almost knocked over a pedestrian in the crosswalk: Guess what? The pedestrian had the right-of-way, and you are a major jerk.

It is more and more apparent that the Iraqi armed forces are not willing to fight for a safe and secure homeland. That being the case, they will get just what they deserve.

Cobb County didn’t want rail or MARTA because of the “riff-raff” that would come in. Once the new Braves stadium opens, Cobb will be up to their collective eyebrows in ticket scalpers, thieves and drunken sports fans armed to the teeth — i.e, the very “riff-raff” they’ve kept out all these years. (I live in Cobb and I think this is funny as all get out!)

Some people weren’t listening. Hillary didn’t say she would release her medical records. What she said is, she would release her medical records in keeping with the medical records that other candidates have released. And yes, there is a difference.

I love the venter who says if workers want a higher salary they should earn it. Yeah, right -- like every hard worker gets paid a high salary and every lazy executive gets a lower one. Dream on.

These companies making record profits couldn’t do it without those low-level workers. Share the profits!

As we watch one police department after another purchase cast-off military arms and armor, it’s only a matter of time before the horror in Habersham County is played out again and again across our country.

The contestants in beauty pageants don’t ever have short hair because they know that long hair looks best.

Voters didn’t want the “element” mass transit would bring in? Really? Do you think the “element” can’t drive? If they want to come to your neighborhood they don’t need a train.

If you’re only a soccer fan for three weeks every four years, that would make you rapid not rabid.

I liked the toenail vent.

Well, today we had our 74th school shooting since the massacre of elementary school children in Connecticut and we haven’t done a thing to stop it.

If you don’t like my toenails, don’t look at them. Who has the time to do their own nails and who has the money to get them done? Get over it.

Guns, guns everywhere, gun violence in schools and police ambush events are now commonplace. Our governor approves of open carry everywhere. People carrying assault rifles in restaurants. What has this country become?

How long before the sane majority in this country gets fed up with gun violence and votes in politicians that have the courage to stand up to the NRA and gun lobby?

The mind-boggling gun rights hysteria is at least partly the cause of so much gun violence and deaths. If the NRA nonsense solution is more guns, let’s all get a tank and some bazookas.

Maybe we should keep those illegal immigrant children. Showing such determination despite going through unbelievable hardships getting here is a rare trait we don’t see in many of our own children. They deserve a chance.

More people watch Fox News than watch MSNBC for the exact same reason that more people watch Honey Boo Boo than watch NOVA.

All the complaints about joggers are likely written by fatties.

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