The Vent for Thursday

No politician who owes back taxes should be allowed to file for re-election.

What part of “illegal” do you people not understand? It is of little consequence whether they pay taxes or don’t pay taxes.

Does this sound familiar, taxpayers: "Trial delayed" and "Paid administrative leave"?

Looking forward to the first sweet onions of the season, we bought a bag at a wholesale club bearing the label "Sweet Onions" and the name and address of a well-known Georgia grower. At the first bite, tears started streaming down my face and I immediately looked at the label. In mice type it said “produce of Mexico.” Is this not misrepresentation?

The best part of being self-employed — my dog asleep at my feet!

The Vent from the guy saying he loved illegal immigrants had to be one of the stupidest Vents I have ever read!

Someone better tell me how the teacher could get porn on a school computer. I can’t even access Martha Stewart’s website in my office.

When my neighbor sets off fireworks, I have to make sure my hoses are handy in case his fireworks land on my roof -- again. So, yes, it does matter when these bozos set off fireworks.

70 is NOT elderly!

I pledge to pay back someone else’s money I spent without permission. Please watch me closer. It’s your fault.

So Atlanta has yet another professional sports team to build an overpriced stadium for every 10 years, or when Arthur wants to redecorate.

Two shootings in three days. Tell me again how safe it is in Cobb County.

My wooden spoon stirs up gumbo, not trouble.

I can’t imagine who would want to buy the Civic Center. It’s in such an undesirable neighborhood. Why, right across the street is the GPC building!

A college degree means nothing if you have one and everything if you don’t. Someone please tell Karen Handel.

I am so glad we will have this new gun law and stop wasting our time on education reform.

Isn’t it obvious that the rich are using the argument that the immigrants don’t pay taxes as a red herring to distract you from complaining about all the taxes that they aren’t paying?

Dear Advertiser: I make it a point not to patronize those with ridiculous commercials. I haven’t eaten at Zaxby’s since they hooked up with the Duck Dynasty dumbos.

Lots of Grizzard nostalgia lately, but the last few years of his column were not very entertaining. It was all gay bashing, Hillary bashing, and bragging about not using a computer.

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