The Vent for Saturday

You know, that vent about building the new stadiums at Fort McPherson is not a bad idea.

You really want to help veterans. Become one yourself.

Fulton County sends out its property assessments for the year, THEN they decide to raise taxes 17 percent? Isn’t local government planning great!

I’ve got a name for the new stadium. BOONDOGGLE!

DFACS needs to check Craigslist as well as the police. That’ the problem. Nobody ever checks.

How can you sit at work all day and not think of your children? Not a day passes without many thoughts of my kids. What did he think about all day? Parents need to be held accountable nothing is more important than your child.

Why will the zombie apocalypse start in Atlanta? Well, the CDC’s anthrax gaff should be a clue.

I’ll bet the Braves are really excited to be moving. At last they can ditch the Turner name on the stadium and make some real money naming it for some company we never heard of.

The veterans were also promised barracks on a beach when they signed up, great pay, college tuition and lots of other benefits they don’t get!

Here’s something that sounds easy but isn’t. Try buying ten dollars in pennies from your bank.

Just let us enjoy this. The World Cup only comes twice in four years. Let Google do soccer doodles!

After screwing up in Iraq by not keeping residual forces there, we are trying to unscrew the situation to correct our blunder.

Doctors no longer deserve any respect. Their are only shills for drug companies.

Arthur Blank is a wise businessman. Thanks for moving Braves. We will have an international stage Soccer.

The World Cup is so much more exciting than baseball.

Bush and even more Cheney broke Iraq and ducked out on the bill they said would never come due.

I may be a cynic, but the mug shot of that father who left his toddler in a car and went to work doesn’t strike me as a man utterly devastated by what he did.