The Vent for Saturday

What strange times we live in when you don't know whether to believe our president or Russia's president.

One less criminal for taxpayers to support.

The King children are suing each other again. And this is news?

What most young people don't realize is we make our decisions and then our decisions turn around and make us.

When Romney went at Obama for him thinking Putin can be trusted the Obamabots rolled their eyes. Funny how some things come back to bite you.

America—-we had a good run when you think about it.

Come on Vent- start printing those anti-U.S. involvement in Syria. What are you afraid of?

When a woman says she wants a real man, she is saying she wants one who is honest and sincere. If you do not know that, then you have a "real" problem.

It's sad when the professional Dancers on Dancing with the "Stars" are bigger "Stars" than the "stars" they are teaching.

Clark Howard gave step by step instructions in Thursday's paper on how to avoid paying debts you owe. Aiding and abetting stealing.

Give a politician or a military general the opportunity to have a war and they will take it.

Only 110 more days until Christmas!

Let me get this straight, fellow venters: It was OK for George W. Bush to take more vacations than any other President because he's a Republican, right?

I hope your wife likes whitewater rafting. If my husband surprised me like that for my birthday, I suspect he would be surprised.