The Vent for Saturday

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I see fraud in the food stamp program when I'm paying for groceries and a person using food stamps drives off in a newer car than mine!

The HOT lanes on I-85 had been purchased with taxpayer money and were paid in full. It's wrong to charge taxpayers again.

You're going to be pretty upset if you thought the penalty for not getting health insurance is only $95. It is 1 percent of your income with a minimum of $95.

What the numbers in Reed's election tell me is that citizens really don't care who represents them.

You want to charge those of us who own hybrids more on the mileage tax? We purchased them to save money, so now you want to tax us because we're saving more that people driving gas guzzlers?

If you don't have any money, a good lawyer probably isn't interested.

Macy's great tree has turned into the Macy's fake tree.

Country music just ain't what it used to be.

There really is a war on women; first something the Dems made up and now it is coming true with Obamacare.

Let's continue to vote ourselves to pay more taxes like SPLOST! I love paying more taxes. Who needs money when the Democrats will take care of us.

Can you top someone swimming while wearing a Bluetooth phone?

So you eat vegetables watered with floor cleaning chemicals?

The Weather Channel's front page should read "What The Earth Will Look Like When All The Ice Melts".

Your solution to the less than 1 percent fraudulent use of food stamps is to starve children?