The Vent for Saturday

Just think the IRS wanted to put a lien on my house for THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! We're struggling trying to make it while you are spending money dancing.

Saw a lot of flags up near Marietta Square today to honor those who served in the D-Day invasion. June 6 is a day to honor and remember.

The reason celebrities think they know everything is probably our fault. This society generally treats them like gods.

What is the difference between Homeland Security and the KGB? Answer: The spelling.

Those teenagers could do what they wanted in school, so it is no wonder they didn't listen to instructions from the flight crew

You cannot cure stupid, but duct tape will help.

So, the IRS is using over 50 Million dollars of Taxpayer's money to have off site meetings / parties at high-end motel / hotels, with open bar, food, etc… Does that mean I will be getting my hard earn tax money back this year since it was wasted?

Let kids stay on their parent's health insurance till they are 26? At 26, kids should hold down a full time job and have their own health benefits. They should not still be living off mom and dad.

If Verizon is required to hand over all phone call records, than you can bet all the other wireless companies are required to as well. I like this open and transparent administration.

Why do meteorologists keep standing in front of the weather map and blocking the view? It's not their grinning faces we're tuning in to see.