The Vent for Monday

The time has come when we need to drop political correctness and go back to good old common sense. We are beginning to appear very stupid.

Dekalb made us install low flow toilets, then raises sewer rates through the roof because they don't flush out the system. You can't make this stuff up folks. The culture of incompetence never fails to amaze and disgust.

School bullying is out of hand in our schools and the hands of the administrators are tied. They aren't allowed to discipline these thugs who aren't disciplined at home. When they're suspended or drop out they rob, steal and break into our homes.

The thing which concerns me most, as we approach election day, is that you all will vote for the same people you always vote for, completely forgetting all the angry Vents you posted about the person you'll end up re-electing.

So college kids want a union and a paycheck. Fine, give them that, give the unions their dues money, tack on the FREE tuition and BOARD as income and let them take out loans to pay income taxes. How stupid are these people? And they got into college? Oh, that's right. Sports.

Hopefully the parents of the student at Parkview will sue the BOE and the parents of the thug who attacked their son.

Students have too many rights. Let's go back to the basics:teaching, discipline, parental involvement and school uniforms.

Parents of unruly students should be made to sit in class with their child until they are under control or send them home for good. School is free in this country.

My truck is 10 years old. You don't like it? Buy me a new one.

I've taught hundreds of kids piano lessons. I've never had a kid fail, but I've had many parents fail their kids.

I drive my cars until the repair bills cost more than its resale value. I then donate it to charity. They still run, and I can't afford to fix them up.

Five phone calls to Watershed in seven weeks and our cracked water meter is still not repaired. What's up with that?

Now that Piers Morgan's nightly show has been cancelled, CNN has the perfect time slot for a nightly update about Flight 370!

Good idea to make the black boxes where they float??

What Bible are you reading from? Mine said that Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves. There is nothing about animal coverings.