The Vent for Friday

How about solving the other 10,000 problems in the world? Then, let's discuss the Redskins' name.

The indisputable fact is in five years under the Obama administration, the national debt has almost doubled.

If psychics are real, why have we never heard of a single one winning the lottery?

If Oreos are as addictive as morphine and cocaine, why have we never heard of "death by Oreo?"

Those of you who think that Social Security, Medicare, and the Post Office don't work shouldn't use them. I guarantee you that none of my friends who are on Social Security or Medicare would ever give them up.

Instead of worrying about the name Redskins, let's stop the greedy corporation sponsors from changing the names of stadiums.

"That's a whole 'nother story." "Nother" is not a word. It's shameful how many newscasters use this.

The Chinese had a written language 5,000 years ago.

I'm convinced that the bottom few vents are just trolls yanking our chain!

I'll take higher fees from Georgia Power if it means better air quality. It shouldn't take government to force them to take care of the environment.

The red states take more from the federal coffers than they put in, yet they're the ones that hate government the most. Does that make sense?

Anyone who works in the software biz will tell you that the roll-out of any new system is glitchy. It's completely normal, and the bugs will be fixed, so get a grip.

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