The Vent for Friday

Judge orders no jail for teen in fatal car wreck. Tell me the rich aren’t above the law!

Sending the “affluenza” kid to a $450,000 a year rehab center at the beach is not continuing to coddle him?

Why are we letting ANYONE from these terrorist muslim countries into America?

Dear ladies, Please stop leaving your children with your “boy friends.” A 16-month-old boy was murdered Monday by a “boy friend” stop moving them in your home. Please too many children are being abused and murdered. Some of the women are getting the same fate by these “boy friends.”

It’s you that is responsible for getting the weather report and acting accordingly.

Why aren’t government farm subsidies considered welfare?

Gee…I wonder what the GA Tech student with all the flammable liquids and such was planning on doing? Probably just a bonfire, right?

These internet tracking ads make me feel like I’m being stalked!

The first question voters should ask anyone running for office is “Why can you not find a job in the private sector?”

R.I.P. Tonight Show.

Governor Deal, why have you not yet fired the GEMA head? He had one major crisis this year and wasn’t up to the task.

I predict the first state employee to be fired will be the one who whistles “Let It Snow” in Gov. Deal’s presence.

As a percentage, I wonder how many Americans are on welfare (proper, not food stamps, not wic, not section 8, just welfare)

If you think Europeans are so great and intelligent, why don’t you go there and leave the rest of us be. Maybe we like being ignorant and blissful.

“Why do girls or young ladies think they look good in combat boots?” Gee, yeah, the nerve of women, daring to have their own opinions about how their own bodies look instead of consulting you. How dare they? *huffs* /sarcasm

They are now warning about toothpaste explosives on flights to Sochi. They already warned us about increase in female terrorists. Where would a determined female terrorist hide a toothpaste explosive? Something else for the vigilant TSA to molest my 90-year-old grandmother.

Keith Richards said it best, they always did street drugs and it was fine. Guys like Michael Jackson got tangled up with a physician and you see how that worked out.

English is NOT the official language of the United States. This country has no “official language”. Keep it up, Coca-Cola. You’ve got the right idea.