Q&A on the News

Q: Are Georgia Lottery winners required to have their names publicized? If someone absolutely wanted to remain anonymous, do they have that option?

-- Ken Celmer, Alpharetta

A: The names of lottery winners must be revealed to the public because the Georgia Lottery Corp. is required, by statute, to comply with Georgia's Open Records Act, lottery media relations manager Tandi Reddick told Q&A on the News in an email. "Pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act, a prize winner's name, city, county and state of residence, and the amount of the prize won shall be regarded as matters of public record," she wrote. "Many winners feel that pictures, press releases and press conferences enhance the winning experience."

Q: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported that Jennifer Patterson and Jessica Patterson, identical twin sisters, gave birth on the same day at Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital. Did these sisters share the same last name because they never married, because they married but kept their maiden names, or because they both married men with the last name of Patterson?

-- Michelle Hutchinson, Marietta

A: Jennifer and Jessica Patterson, who are both 21 years old, are single mothers who share an apartment in Judah, Ind., according to published reports. They said they plan to continue living together with their children.

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