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Q: The Aug. 13 edition of the AJC carried the story that Cobb County Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster had approved Cobb EMC board elections. As one of the 190,000 EMC members, I am relieved that the members will finally have a say in the election of board members. However, I am puzzled why there must be three elections (Nov. 12, Feb. 18 and May 12). It strings out the election of a new board to 10 months. Is it because, absent resignation, these are the expiration dates of board members? -- David Lariscy, Marietta

A: The 10 Cobb EMC board members are usually elected on a staggered schedule every three years and elections haven't been held since the 2007 lawsuit, so there has been no turnover. The staggered schedule allows the elections to get back on track. The term for the four members elected on Nov. 12 would expire September 2014. The three members elected Feb. 18 would expire September 2015 and the three elected on May 12 would expire September 2016. Elections are usually done at the EMC's annual meeting in September.

Q: Under the donations for private schools program, are the home schools included? -- Shelly Powell, Lawrenceville

A: Officials with the Georgia Department of Education say the Georgia Private Schools Tax Credit law specifies scholarships to be awarded to students to attend private schools. State law separates private school requirements from home school centers. Therefore, a home school center that meets all the requirements of a private school becomes a private school, officials told Q&A on the News.

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