Q&A on the News

Q: Can the FCC prohibit TV stations/networks from raising the audio volume during presentations of commercials?

-- Dan Norris, Fayetteville

A: The Federal Communications Commission does not regulate the volume of programs or commercials. The FCC says the judgment that something is "too loud" varies with each listener and can be influenced by factors such as content, the speaker's voice and tone, music and background sounds. The FCC says that more TV receivers are equipped with circuits designed to stabilize audio differences between programs and commercials, and sometimes viewers need to "enable" or turn on those functions through the receiver's set up/audio menu. Some home theater systems have automatic devices that raise or lower the audio level, tone down loud sounds and keep the audio level from exceeding a pre-determined level.

Q: When we went south on I-85 one recent weekend, we noticed that the truck weigh stations were closed. Are they still being operated?

-- Fred Scanling, Big Canoe

A: The inspection stations are open on a varying schedule throughout the week and on weekends, according to the Georgia State Patrol. Officials did not disclose the schedule for the stations along I-85 south. Several factors affect the operating schedule, including commercial vehicle and permitted loads travel patterns and personnel availability, officials said.

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