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Q: I read about the new Ashford Dunwoody Diverging Diamond Interchange. How does this new format take into account pedestrians and bicycle riders?

-- Tim Fearney, Dunwoody

A: Currently, the condition of the crosswalks and sidewalks across I-285 at Ashford-Dunwoody Road discourage pedestrians from access. Yvonne Williams, president and CEO of the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, which secured the funding for the project's design, said the Ashford Dunwoody Diverging Diamond Interchange -- the first of its kind in Georgia -- is a critical step in the walkability of the Ashford-Dunwoody Road corridor by providing pedestrian-friendly access across the interstate. Pedestrians will be able to take a crosswalk from the north and south sides of Ashford-Dunwoody Road to pedestrian islands on the bridge. Then they will enter a pedestrian sidewalk across the bridge that will be protected from traffic by concrete barriers and allow safe and friendly movement through the interchange. Every crosswalk will have pedestrian signal timers. There will no bike lanes across the bridge. Bicyclists can ride with the traffic or walk their bikes across the bridge using the center pedestrian sidewalk. Bicyclists who want to cross I-285 also can use the bike lanes on the nearby I-285 Perimeter Center Parkway Bridge. The new interchange could be completed as early as September 2012, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last week.

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