Q&A on the News

Q: How many Tomahawk cruise missiles have been fired in Libya? How much does one Tomahawk missile cost?

-- William McKee Jr., Flowery Branch

A: The U.S. fired more than 200 Tomahawk missiles at Libya between the beginning of military operations on March 19 and March 29, CBS News reported. The USS Barry, a guided-missile destroyer in the Mediterranean, fired 22 Tomahawks on March 29, as NATO took control of the no-fly zone over Libya, The Associated Press reported. Adm. Gary Roughead told Bloomberg News that the U.S. Navy has more than 3,000 Tomahawks, which are reported to cost about $1.4 million each.

Q: A recent AJC article mentioned the Georgia Department of Transportation was giving Georgia Gwinnett College an 8-acre parcel of land, including a building that had been a car dealer, across Ga. 316 from the campus. How will this affect the planned flyover intersection at Collins Hill Road and Ga. 316? Isn’t this and the intersection of Ga. 316 and Ga. 20 planned for 2011?

-- Sandra Nissen, Dacula

A: Since this is an ongoing project with active right of way acquisitions, the GDOT can't comment, spokeswoman Jill Goldberg told Q&A on the News. "Any subsequent changes of ownership from GDOT to another party would not occur until after all construction activities are completed," she wrote in an e-mail. "Access through this property is required by GDOT for the active project."

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