Georgia has rules it requires every food service operation to follow. These are just a few of the many health and safety regulations.

Tex-Mex joint near Perimeter Mall fails health check

A Tex-Mex chain eatery near Perimeter Mall failed its recent inspection, according to Georgia health department records

Chuy’s, 118 Perimeter Center West, scored a 65 on Monday. Any score below a 70 is considered failing. 

A manager declined to comment to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday. 

The inspector noted employees cutting romaine lettuce with their bare hands that was heading for a customer. The lettuce was thrown away.

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The eatery was also docked points for multiple mosquitoes in the kitchen. A back door was open when the inspector got there, which could have been where the bugs came from. 

There was also an employee “chewing food” in front of stations on the prep line, according to the report. 

This Chuy’s scored an 83 on its September 2017 inspection and an 81 on its May 2017 health check. 

Follow-up inspections are usually done within 10 days of the original evaluation.

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118 Perimeter Center West

Atlanta, Ga., 30346

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