Technology promises speedier fire responses in Sandy Springs

Map depicts the rollout of “Glance” traffic signal preemption equipment in Sandy Springs. The system is intended to ensure green traffic lights for fire vehicles on emergency calls. CITY OF SANDY SPRINGS

Emergency vehicles in Sandy Springs will get equipment that combines cellular, radio and GPS technology with a cloud-based software system to trigger traffic lights to go green.

The City Council approved spending $676,284 to have a Georgia Department of Transportation contract vendor, Temple Inc., install “Glance” signal preemption equipment in 26 fire department vehicles and ambulances and at 113 signalized intersections.

"The Sandy Springs Fire Department received more than 14,000 calls for service in 2019," with most calls going to three stations in the vicinity of busy Roswell Road, according to a city announcement. "An ongoing challenge is maneuvering around stopped traffic and traffic queuing at intersections."

The Glance system communicates with traffic signals to begin clearing traffic ahead of a vehicle's arrival at an intersection, Sandy Springs said. The city estimates preemption technology will save it about 10 to 12 seconds per intersection, for overall response time savings of 20 percent. Information:

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