Tease cats with lasers from your phone using new Atlanta cat cafe cam

Java Cats Cafe

Java Cats Cafe

In recent years, owners have taken to setting up cameras in their homes so they can watch their pets from afar, especially when in need of a little pick-me-up.

Now, Atlanta's first cat cafe is offering that same sensation to anyone who wants it — even if they don't have a feline to call their own yet.

Java Cats Cafe, which serves coffee and cat adoptions under one roof, announced on Facebook Friday that its felines can be viewed on Petcube, a Wi-Fi-enabled camera and app that lets users watch pets remotely.

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What’s more: The camera has a built-in laser toy, so users can watch the cats move in response to the swipes made on phone screens.

To see the cats, download the app and search the cafe's name. You'll see what's happening live in the cat room, and a timer will denote when it's your turn to access the laser.

The experience will look something like this:

Or if you’re lucky, like this:

But hopefully not like this:

The cameras will run during normal cafe operating hours Monday-Friday but will be turned off on its busiest days, Saturday and Sunday.

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