Item: Atlanta (DeKalb)

We heard from a reader this week about problems on and near LaVista Road that should have easy fixes.

“There is an unavoidable danger unless you want to hit the curb on your right or veer into the oncoming lane on your left. There is a pothole right at the light at Houston Mill Road and Mason Mill Road going toward LaVista Road. Call a dentist; it needs a filling,” wrote the reader.

The reader also added the light at the end of Houston Mill Road for turning left onto LaVista Road is too long before turning green.

“There is just as much traffic, during the busy hours, coming off Houston Mill as there is on LaVista, and the traffic is always backed way up in a single lane before it finally becomes a second lane to turn left off Houston Mill onto LaVista,” the reader wrote.

We sent the items to DeKalb County and will keep you posted.

Days on the list: 2

Who’s getting it fixed: Communications Manager Andrew Cauthen, acauthen@dekalbcountyga.gov

Item: Atlanta (Fulton)

Bill Worth wants something done about traffic lights that have outlived their usefulness.

“Please try to move the traffic lights from Piedmont and Currier to Piedmont and Renaissance Parkway NE. The Civic Center is closed, and Currier is only a block long; why can’t a stop sign be utilized? Also, please move the traffic light from Currier and Courtland to Renaissance Parkway NE and Courtland. There is more auto and pedestrian traffic on Renaissance Parkway than Currier,” Worth said.

Days on the list: 2

Who’s looking into it: City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Commissioner James Jackson, 404-330-6240, jamesjackson@atlantaga.gov